With one of the world’s largest film festivals right in our backyard, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring out your friends, family or SO for a movie night! Luckily, you still have the chance to catch some of the festival’s 192 screenings until February 15, with an international collection of 76 narratives from 27 countries in venues all over the city. To help you narrow the expansive list down, #Team360 has the scoop on the top 5 movie picks at this year’s Atlanta Jewish Film Festival:

  1. The Last SuitThe Last Suit is the featured film for Closing Night on Thursday, February 15, and will feature a post-film discussion with writer/director Pablo Solarz.
  2. Winter Hunt
  3. Saving Neta
  4. Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds: The Conductor Zubin Mehta
  5. Boys from Brazil

To see the full list of upcoming screenings and to purchase tickets, click here. Follow along with the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival on Facebook, Twitter + Instagram!

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