Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool, and if you’re not using it already, you may be a little behind. Most people know Pinterest as an inspirational lifestyle website, but it’s so much more than that. Incorporating a Pinterest plan into your marketing strategy can help increase sales as well as brand awareness.

Here’s the run-down:

Start small. Pinterest is a large platform, and it’s easy to get lost in the bulk of it all. Learn the platform and start with the basics. After you have a good understanding of the platform, create some boards that are relevant to your company. From here, you want to make it easy for viewers to see and pin your content. Posting on the platform is one thing but you want to make sure your websites, blog posts, and content has plenty of photos that are “pin-worthy” and make sure you have share buttons on your site. 

After you’ve created the content needed for Pinterest and it’s available to viewers, make sure your brand is being active on the platform. Make sure Pinterest has a place on your social media calendars and schedule posts as needed. Pinterest has some great analytics that offers you insights on your most popular pins. Once you’ve gotten the hang of things, start expanding on your strategy and scoping out what works best for your audiences. 

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