Each year 360 Media’s founder, Tara Murphy, picks a word to set the intention of the year, then reflects at year’s end on how it showed up throughout the past 12 months. 2020’s word solidified itself over the holiday – Power. And what a word it is, especially going into the year we celebrate our 24th anniversary.

Many times the word of the year has a different meaning than its definition. It’s easy to see power through an external lens, and it can sometimes be defined as something negative. Whether identifying power through work, wealth, or status, it’s understandable to be intimidated by the word.

With this year’s word, Tara challenges us all to instead focus on internal power and recognize that we all have it. The power to create, change, attract, heal, provide and more. Recognizing that we are all powerful beings with the ability to manifest exactly what we want and need to live our best life, both personally and professionally, ignites the external power that leads you to be more confident and capable, regardless of what stands in your way.

2020 is the year to step more comfortably into your power and own it. Cheers to the power you find.

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