The start of a new year provides us with the perfect opportunity to start over with a virtually clean slate with new goals, new habits and yes, New Year’s resolutions. While everyone’s resolutions vary, we can all relate to the desire to set ourselves up for success. Here are a few tips that can help make 2020 your best and most successful year to date.

  1. Purchase an agenda
    • Whether you are the most organized person in the world or you struggle with meeting deadlines, agendas are a great tool to keep you on track. Once purchased, make sure you are consistent in writing down your upcoming deadlines, notes or dates to remember. Consistency is the key to keeping your due dates in check.
  2. Take time for your hobbies
    • Work can’t occupy your life 24/7. To give your brain the much-deserved rest it needs, establish a hobby that you really enjoy doing. This could range from joining a new kickboxing studio to being a new member of a book club. Try to find the activities that make you happy and get your mind off your upcoming deadlines.
  3. Theme your year after one specific word
    • Is there a word that really sticks out in your head? Maybe this is themed after a goal you hope to set? Themes can help guide you throughout the year. Check out Forge’s piece on how to choose your special word here.
  4. Make time for friends and family
    • 2020 may be looking like the busiest year of your life, but you should always set aside some brief time for your family and friends. Why? No matter how busy you are, they will always have your back. They may even be able to ease the burden by helping out with upcoming tasks or be the vent session we all deserve. Don’t skip out!
  5. Travel
    • Everyone deserves a break once in a while. Visit the place that’s been on top of your bucket list, somewhere you’ve never thought to go and give yourself some peace of mind. The New York Times has your perfect list of places to choose from in 2020 here.
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