What game requires strategy and players to always be one step ahead of their opponent? Some might say chess, some might say boxing, but our newest client Matt Thomas says both. The 28-year-old Atlantan will head to India at the end of this month to represent the stars + stripes during the Chess-boxing Amateur World Championship. Matt, along with Kevin Vaughn-Carber of Iowa, will be the first Americans to compete in the grueling competition.

Over three days of brains and brawls, athletes will compete in five alternating three-minute rounds of chess and boxing and win by getting either a checkmate or a knockout. The two athletes will join over 120 competitors from thirteen different countries.

Thomas hopes to raise funds for his charity, Brawl for a Cause, which empowers everyday people to literally fight for what they believe in. The annual event, held last year at the Merecedes-Benz Stadium, raised over $200,000 for 30 causes for which people were willing to take a punch.

For more information on Matt, the World Championship, and his Brawl for a Cause mission, you can view the full press release here. For more fun features and stories about Atlanta and the great people who make up this city, visit The Atlanta 100 and subscribe to our e-newsletter.

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