What’s holding your team back from the best form of communication? Tech-savvy entrepreneur, Michele Grant coins it quite simply: giving too many f*cks. Yep, you read that correctly. While communication is key in the work-place, employees tend to be stand-offish with their “business professional” mouths in fear of being, well, fired. Fear no more, according to Grant’s blog “The Magic Word Your Team Should be Using”, utilizing the word “f*ck” and typically having a sailors mouth is a great recruitment and feedback tool. Dropping expletives at work can boost morale, relieve stress and help deliver a more persuasive message. Here at 360 Media, we share a common ground with this magic word and its multi-use capabilities. Whether it’s providing solid feedback to co-workers or the casual “my job is cool as f*ck” mention, we continuously see the art behind Grant’s magic word. How else do you think we get shit done? Figure out how your team can utilize the magic word & read more here!

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