Whether you like or not, the New Year is right around the corner and 2017 will soon be behind us. As PR ninjas, our tendencies to strategize, analyze, plan + pitch don’t turn off, leading us to naturally plan out our goals for 2018. #Team360 has gotten together to share our top essential PR goals for the upcoming year, check them out:

  1. Perfect writing your message in 280 characters or less
  2. Don’t dwell on your mistakes, focus on your successes
  3. Be realistic when setting goals
  4. Keep pitches short + sweet
  5. Be open to learning something new
  6. Read everything, nothing wrong with being a sponge
  7. Network, network, network
  8. Pick up the phone + talk to someone instead of always texting
  9. Get out in your community + find inspiration
  10. Work hard, play harder
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