At 360, pitching is at the core of what we do. We want to share the stories of our amazing clients + that means spreading the word to media. We’ve given advice before with tips of the trade, but during COVID-19 it’s important to re-evaluate + see if how you’re pitching is what’s working best right now.

To make sure we give you first-hand information, we reached out to one of our closest media friends, Mike Jordan. Mike has an impressive resume, writing for The Wall Street Journal, Curbed, Eater, Thrillist + more. Needless to say, he gets a lot of pitches in his inbox. See below for his top advice when pitching to media.

    • Get right to the point, putting the lead at the top, even if you know the writer well. Journalists are busier than ever + this ups your chances of them writing about your pitch.
    • Always have a clean, focused email subject line. He says, “I don’t just see one email when I’m scrolling my inbox; I see all of them, and the pressure is on to review as many as I can, while I can.”
    • Know who you’re pitching. This should be practiced always, but especially now. Research what they actually write about, not just what you think they may be interested in.
    • Be patient. Right now, journalists are experiencing a heavy load of stories due to the coronavirus – combine that with working from home with distractions + it may take longer to respond.

Try to keep these tips in mind when pitching + we bet you’ll form some great relationships. We know we have – thanks Mike!

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