You may have heard of user-generated content before (any form of content that has been posted by users on social media), but should you be using it in your marketing strategy? The answer is probably yes, and we’re going to breakdown why this type of content can do wonders for your brand.

Authenticity — Showing real people using your product or service can build trust in your brand and make you more approachable. This is huge when it comes to boosting your product’s credibility.

Showcases brand loyalty — Brand loyalty is a powerful thing. The goal of promoting through social media is that viewers turn into customers and customers turn into loyal shoppers. Users that are showcasing your product on social media are probably big fans of your product or service. By sharing their posts it encourages user-generated activity and shows that you care.

Builds up your content calendar — Let’s be honest, creating original content 24/7 can be hard. Incorporating UGC in your content calendars can take a lot of stress and time off your hands.

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