In case you’ve been living under a rock, the future is female. And Atlanta Food & Wine Festival made strides to secure that future by having an all-female Advisory Council at this year’s Festival. While you were busy eating and drinking your way through the South, The Travel Channel was taking notice. Inspired by the moves Atlanta Food & Wine was taking, they decided to pull their own list of the top ten chefs you need to know…who just happen to be female.  Even better? Badass babes (and 2018 Advisory Council members) Cheetie Kumar of Raleigh + Julia Sullivan of Nashville made the list! Our suggestion? Use the summer downtime to plan a trip to visit 1, 2, or all 10 of these amazing establishments. Whether it’s a quick weekend trip, or you’re lucky enough to live near these up-and-coming  chefs, you definitely want to put these women on your radar. #YouGoGirls

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