If you’re just getting your start in the fast-paced world of PR, we understand how it can feel overwhelming at times. While we can’t tell you everything you’ll need to know (some things you just learn on the job!), we found this list of top 5 tips for PR newbies from Matter to be helpful:


  1. Experience, experience, experience: Apply for the internships that will provide you with more knowledge about the PR industry than when you started.
  2. Immerse yourself in the industry: Read the daily newspaper, watch the morning talk shows and follow reporters and influencers that you plan to reach out to.
  3. Build relationships with publications: Make sure to foster relationships because just as you will grow in your career, so will they.
  4. Know who you’re talking to: Spend the extra 10-15 minutes to research before an interview or meeting, and come prepared with relevant questions.
  5. Give every project 100% effort: Take even the smallest assignments you receive seriously, and go above and beyond to show your managers that you can handle them.
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