Are you looking for a different twist on the holidays this year? If you’re over ice skating + twinkling lights, NETHERWORLD’s A Haunted Holiday just might be the perfect plan for you this season. On Saturday, December 14, A Haunted Holiday will feature a yuletide takeover of NETHERWORLD’s 2019 main attraction, NIGHT OF THE GORGON, a festive holiday midway, a gift shop filled with creepy seasonal goodies, and a special laser tag event called MUTANT MADNESS that will be held inside of the COLD BLOODED haunt.

During A Haunted Holiday, you and five other guests will enter the attraction and will be led on a rope by a ghostly spirit through a full production of NIGHT OF THE GORGON featuring seasonally inspired monsters and holiday-themed scenes. Then, unexpectedly, your guide will vanish, leaving your group to survive the last portion of the haunt without their protection.

Then on Saturday, December 28, NETHERWORLD will reopen its doors for the first time ever for an extremely limited, reserved entry Lights on Tour. This exclusive BTS tour will feature both NIGHT OF THE GORGON and COLD BLOODED and guests will experience a never-before-seen look behind the curtain of the nation’s most legendary haunted attraction. It’s the perfect holiday gift for the haunt fanatic in your life!

For more details on each attraction and ticketing information, read the full release here.

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