Have you heard the latest buzz surrounding Underground Atlanta? Four local Atlanta artists, Pash Lima, Travis Love, Delta Tango Mike + C. Flux Sing, were invited to design 16 murals on the exhaust pipes/pillars found along Upper Alabama Street and the full art installation is now complete! The installation was curated by Toni Williams of Cultivating Cultures + Jabari Graham of Art Beats + Lyrics.

The themes of the exhaust pipes/pillars perfectly encompass diversity, culture, inclusivity + togetherness, reflecting on the historic area’s bold new direction  and tying into the brand identity created by our friends at Visual Soldiers. Want an up close look at the murals? Be sure to stop by + explore the art.

Click here to read more on The Pillars Project and to learn about the individual artists.  You can visit www.undergroundatl.com to stay up-to-date on the redevelopment. Don’t forget to check back as the full website arrives soon.

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