Our favorite Neapolitan pizzeria crushed it in 2019! This year was filled with milestones including their Midtown location turning 5, and their Krog Street Market stall turning 2! Not only did Varuni have some big moments from a business perspective, but they also made an incredible amount of delicious food, from pies to cannolis! Varuni made 167,500 pounds of dough for their delicious pies. This past year alone, they imported 3,276 pounds of basil leaves, 14,316 pounds of cup pepperonis, 48,540 pounds of buffalo mozzarella and 8,520 cans of tomatoes from Naples. Atlantans also showed their sweet tooth this year by consuming 22,644 cannolis. Here’s to an amazing 2019 and an even bigger and better 2020 with Varuni!

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