“DISCOVER ADAC is a source of forward-thinking conversation and new product discovery every fall in Atlanta.” – Business of Home

Last month at DISCOVER ADAC, our media friends from Business of Home joined ADAC to interview Michel Boyd, Lauren Finney, Mark Hulsey, Jill Waage, Katie Miner, Alexa Hampton, Delinah Simmons, Marshall Watson, Matthew Quinn + more. These interior designers + market participants shared how designers illuminate their style and how to celebrate design history while also encouraging discussions about its future.

“There’s just so many facets to style – of course, there’s art in architecture and interior design, but there is so much more to it than that. There is fashion and entertainment and lifestyle and technology and this idea of wellness, so we just wanted to broaden everyone’s perspective on what style really is,” said Katie Miner, General Manager of ADAC.

“I love getting to see everybody from this part of the country; it’s like the gang is all here! I keep running into people in the hallways that I knew were going to be here then there are always 10 surprises around every corner, so it’s kind of where everybody is right now,” said Jill Waage, Editor in Chief of Traditional Home.

Watch both videos here and here.

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