We are so proud to welcome Right Hand Foundation to the 360 Media client roster. Having launched recently in Atlanta, the nonprofit organization is dedicated to aiding families in unstable living conditions (specifically Atlanta-based single mothers and their children). Founded by Courtney Stewart, the manager of Grammy-nominated artist Khalid, Right Hand Foundation provides single mothers and children long-term housing, educational programs and the tools necessary to prepare them for lifelong success. In addition to housing, the foundation will offer educational programs that include financial planning, workforce training, health and wellness training, and home transition support to help create a sustainable lifestyle for these women and their families.

Stewart is creating these Right Hand “havens” by purchasing properties in various Atlanta neighborhoods and revitalizing the houses, outfitting them with modern appliances and making them comfortable, rent-free homes for a family to use while they get back on their feet. The foundation’s first property in Historic College Park was recently completed and its newest tenant has plans to move in soon. After some time there, the family will be moved to a property where they will pay minimal rent and eventually, with assistance from the Right Hand team, move on to housing that is within their means.

On October 10, Homelessness Awareness Day, the foundation will host a private event in honor of their first long-term housing project being completed.

Learn more about the Foundation by reading the full press release or following along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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