We’re feeling a little nostalgic over here at 360 Media. Maybe it’s the year coming to a close, hiring new faces or just the general holiday cheer in the air, but whatever it may be, we’d like to share with everyone why we love what we do.

Here are a few things we’re thankful for in our PR careers:

  • Having leaders in the industry who take the time to teach and guide team members in the right direction
  • A profession that has meaning and a real purpose
  • Being in an environment that’s ever-changing and challenging
  • Having a great group of women to work with
  • Representing amazing companies who do good in the community
  • Meeting new and interesting people who allow us to tell their stories to the world
  • The opportunity to become immersed in Atlanta’s culture through our clients
  • Getting to experience festivals, events, concerts, etc. from an insiders perspective
  • Being able to be a starting point for people to begin their careers and the chance to mentor them
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